China’s Military White Paper

It took some doing but I’ve managed to track the thing down. I’ve been able to read the first section, so more will come. For now, what I find most interesting how it describes the world, i.e., what China’s military sees. That worldview has little time for “international law”, or its institutions, but has interests, power, and military force as its dominant terms.

What they see instead is bleak and cut-throat. Sure they talk about interdependence etc., but they end that by saying “the risk of worldwide, all-out and large-scale wars [ will be low ] for a relatively long period of time.” Well, I for one am quite happy the world isn’t about to end. Much of the time they talk in phrases like “a profound readjustment is brewing in the international system” and “struggles for strategic resources, strategic locations and strategic dominance have intensified”.   Then the money quote: “All countries are attaching more importance to supporting diplomatic struggles with military means.”

I’ll be digesting this in chunks. For now, it should dispel doubts whether China’s military sees itself and the world as some kind of law-bound community, or governed by the harsher logic of power.


One Response to “China’s Military White Paper”

  1. laurencews Says:

    Look forward to hearing about the rest of it. Thanks.

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