Obama and Asia: to be forgotten?

The FEER publishes a bold, clever OpEd from Michael Auslin at the AEI. The agenda he proposes for Obama in Asia is a good one, and would at a stroke restore momentum and strategic thrust to the US here. However that would require Asia being a strategic priority, which would in turn require strategic clarity on the region. I just don’t think this is widely present in Washington. So we’ll probably just have to accept that this administration will be fire-fighting everywhere else, and hope that the region doesn’t slip away completely in the interim.

I remember an interview with Obama in Time in the ‘Man of the Year’ issue. He listed his priorities, and Asia was right at the end, like “Oh shit, I forgot about Asia, better talk about that”. Then complete absence from the Inaugural. Let’s see what the travel schedules for him and Hillary look like, but I’m not optimistic.



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