Not getting it dept. : Sri Lanka and the Tigers

I believe that probably the most under-reported story of 2008 was states finally beginning to beat insurgencies. Yes, there was the Iraq surge in 2007. And lots of states are still losing. But the two oldest, toughest, generally-best-regarded insurgencies took major, major hits, to the extent of being close to defeat.  I mean the Tamils and the FARC.

Remember that the Tamils were the first suicide bombers. People forget this everyday. For decades, the usual characters have said “you’ll never beat them miltarily”. Well, they’ve just about been beaten. Maybe there’s still a surprise. I hope not. I really do. But all current evidence says Sri Lanka has this thing won.

And then the West starts bleating about civilians. Not getting it. It is truly awful that anyone used a cluster bomb on a hospital. Truly. No “shit happens in war” can excuse it. But what exactly do Clinton and Milliband think they’re accomplishing with this?

If I were an insurgent leader, the next time I was about to lose, I’d just blow up some civilians and wait for the West to call for a ceasefire.


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